Gala 2019 proceeds

Gala 2019 proceeds
23/02/2020 Webmaster
Conservation programme in Senegal

In Senegal, our contribution went to a research team set up by JGI Spain with the aim to gather field data and to promote wildlife conservation to protect the western chimpansees. These are a highly endangered species threatened by habitat loss and illegal hunting. The contribution made it possible to cover 4 months of personnel costs, provide them with equipment needed for local field assistants and paid for an electrical inverter for the solar system at the Dindefelo Biological Station.

Furthermore, the JGI educational team in Senegal was able to set up Roots & Shoots activities with local youth. From the promotion of health and hygiene habits, to trees planting activities and explorations trips into the Reserve. This with always paying special attention to girls’ empowerment and mutual respect

And that is not all – you also helped making it possible to launch an agroforestry programme which helps to release the pressure on the habitats of chimpanzees and supports the livelihoods of local communities.

On behalf of the JGI Teams in Senegal and Spain: Thank you!

Innovation SDG lab in Tanzania

The Innovation lab project aims at improving education for children in poorer areas in Africa. In 2019, Koen Timmers in collaboration with Dr Jane Goodall and the Roots & Shoots programme, established an innovation lab at the Jane Goodall Nature Center in Pugu Dar es Salaam, where an entire room has been furnished and converted into the Innovation SDG Lab facility. The second lab will open soon in Kigoma, at the Jane Goodall Institute’s Kitwe Nature Center.

These Innovation Labs allows for quality education, providing students with free quality education about subjects related to sustainable development. Their classes are linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG’s) and comply with the three pillars of the JGI Roots & Shoots programme: Animals, People and Environment (APE). They also have the opportunity to study Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM). A global community of teachers from over 50 countries is making this happen by video conferencing. One physically present teacher at the SDG Lab is also present to provide support during every lesson.

Photo credits: (1st three) JGI Spain
Text written by Sophie De Spiegeleir