Recycle your e-waste

The Forest is Calling

Will you answer the call?

By 2020 it’s estimated there will be almost 3.6 billion smartphones in circulation around the world – that’s the equivalent of almost half the global population with a smartphone!

Mobile phones contain minerals such as gold, cobalt, tungsten, tin, and coltan. Mining for these minerals in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (EDRC) drives illegal bushmeat hunting, destroys crucial chimpanzee and gorilla habitat, and has been the cause of human conflict.

Recycling old and unwanted devices can both reduce the need for new minerals to be mined and help raise funds to support JGI’s work to protect endangered chimpanzees and gorillas in EDRC.

The Forest is Calling global campaign 

The Forest is Calling is an international campaign of the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) to inspire action around recycling and extending the useful life of mobile devices and other used electronics.

Learn more about the campaign >>

JGI’s International Mobile Phone Recycling Day 

On December 15th, 2019 JGI offices around the world will be coming together to celebrate our International Mobile Phone Recycling Day. We invite citizens from around the globe to participate in our campaign by recycling their unwanted mobile devices with our recycling partners.

Hear from Dr. Jane about the importance
of recycling your mobile phone.

What can you do?

Get involved and celebrate with us the JGI’s International Mobile Recycling Day.

Jane Goodall Institute Belgium and Recyca, specialist in the collection and treatment of empty cartridges and old ICT-materials can recycle your e-waste.

  1. Register your company, organisation or school here at JGI Belgium.
  2. Next, Recyca will contact you to make concrete agreements. Depending on your waste streams you will receive one or more boxes. Learn more about the items you can recycle in FR or in NL.
  3. When you have collected a sufficient amount, contact Recyca who will come and pick up the boxes. It can not be easier.
  4. Every pick up is proved with an official certificate of waste treatment and Recyca donates the revenues completely to the Jane Goodall Institute. With this simple gesture you make a contribution to our planet. Your contribution counts!


Photo credits: (hero image) JGI Canada, (others) Bill Wallauer/JGI