Next run: Sunday 19th May 2019

Do you know that 45 € is enough to feed a chimpanzee for a week?

Over and above the cost of feeding, money is needed to provide the animals with appropriate veterinary care, pay local carers and their families and maintain essential infrastructure such as the enclosures where the chimpanzees spend the night, kitchens, fencing, trails etc.

Participate in the most famous run of Brussels

This event is an excellent opportunity for all sportsmen and women to help to protect chimpanzees. Every runner can make a difference by making a donation or by getting sponsors to donate for this cause. The money collected in this way is sent to the Tchimpounga sanctuary for orphaned chimpanzees in the Republic of Congo. The registration fee is 45 €. We welcome all additionnal donations. A “Run4chimps” t-shirt will be handed over on the running day. All runners also receive a membership in Jane Goodall Institute Belgium for the duration of a year. To enter, please complete the registration form below before 15th April 2019.

Smell the atmosphere of a previous edition

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