Chimpanzee Fun Facts

The first five years of a chimp’s life are spent playing, socializing and developing a strong infant-mother bond

A chimpanzee has the same bones, muscles and nervous system as a human

A chimpanzee brain is structurally identical to a human brain and chimpanzees are capable of reasoned thought and abstraction

A chimpanzee’s sense of sight, smell, hearing and touch is similar to that of a human

Chimpanzees make and use tools

Chimpanzees use body language and pant-hoots to communicate

      Pant-hooting chimps - Chimps of Ngamba

Chimpanzees demonstrate a range of emotions – from joy, sadness and fear to empathy

Hero image: chimpanzees Bahati and her baby Baroza at Gombe National Park, Tanzania.
Photo credits: (hero image) Anna Mosser/ JGI, (1st) Fernando Turmo / JGI, (2nd) Nick Riley, (3rd) Fernando Turmo / JGI, (4th) Fernando Turmo / JGI,  (5th) Fernando Turmo / JGI , (6th) Rick Quinn, (7th) Fernando Turmo / JGI