On April 20th 2012 JGI Belgium organized its first KayaClean event alongside the Basse-Ourthe river in Liège. The company Altran sponsored this event. Brussels youth of the school aid association Seuil joined forces with the kayak club MAVA to enthusiastically collect nearly 100 kg of rubbish along the riverside and to give back the natural environment its initial beauty.

The teenagers from the organization Seuil were already aware of the problem due to ongoing human negligence, but were unsure how to tackle it. For example, Adrian, 15 years old, told us: “In the streets we pay attention not to throw our rubbish on the ground, but it’s discouraging because, as soon as we pick it up, the next day it’s dirty again”. They were happy to learn about the kayak technique and encouraged by seeing the results of their actions on a sunny day!

Louphi, eco-adventurer

The KayaClean event is an initiative from the Belgian explorer Louis-Philippe Loncke, Roots & Shoots ambassador for JGI Belgium. His involvement in the preservation of water and waterways made him navigate by kayak 600 km of Belgian channels not only to show the beauty of the country, but also to demonstrate the presence of waste, especially plastic, which can potentially harm fish, birds and humans. You can read more about his expeditions and role as ambassador here.

Corporate Programme

Why not organise a KayaClean event with your co-workers? This is a great alternative to the usual corporate dinners and makes a great teambuilding event. Find out more and contact us if interested. JGI Belgium has experience in making your day one not to forget, while serving the environment and the community. Read about a previous corporate KayaClean event here.

Download the KayaClean brochure from 2016 here.

Photo credit: JGI Belgium