Workshop about chimpanzees


Kids of De Sterrenkijker school, Antwerp, were the lucky winners of our Kleine Pan contest, in collaboration with Standaard Boekhandel and Marc de Bel. On this occasion, we had the pleasure of organising a creative workshop in their school with several children aged between 5 and 6 years old.
The perfect opportunity to share information about chimpanzees and how to protect them and their habitat in a fun and playful way.
The enthusiasm and curiosity of the children gave rise to a pleasant moment of sharing filled with laughter, knowledge and innovative ideas.
The little winners also received a new mascot (Cheempo), to mark their chimpanzee guardianship of the Dindefelo nature reserve in Senegal, and the book ‘Me, Jane” about the life of Jane Goodall.
Children and young people are the world leaders and decision makers of the future, so it is crucial to teach these topics to them in a fun, playful and interactive way. For more information on our workshops and activities, click here . If you would like to host a workshop, please contact us by filling in this form.

Image credit: Anouska Plasmeijer/JGIB