R&S International Leadership Gathering 2018

R&S International Leadership Gathering 2018
02/10/2018 Vasiliki Boukouvala

What happens if you bring 24 young Roots & Shoots’ers from all over the world together to spend an entire week at Windsor with Dr. Jane Goodall?

It’s the beginning of a magical journey full of  joy, love, inspiration and passion. Because they are all like-minded people with only one mission: spreading Jane’s dream to create a world where people, animals and nature live in harmony with each other.

Belgian representative Sandy Paquay explains:
It was amazing to feel this connection with people whom I never met before, but felt so attracted to from right at the beginning. Being at Windsor has opened my eyes. I’m not alone. I have an entire JGI family from all over the globe who shares the same values. And of course there was Jane. Which I admire even more now, because not only was she so encouraging to all of us, she made us believe that we have a purpose. That we all write our own R&S story: by acting locally, we have an influence globally.
This week will be in my heart forever. Windsor has filled me with positive energy, has made me believe we can reach so much if we want to, has giving me so much new ideas to work on in my own community, has offered me friends who I’ll cherish for as long as I live’.

What we did?

We had inspirational sessions about Wildlife Trafficking and Compassion in Farming and we also had the honour of having visitors from the Dulwich Prep School in London.
Those little boys from Dulwich call themselves eco-warriors and they’ve done so much R&S in their local communities and shared it with us.
We held brainstormings on environmental topics such as People Empowerment, No Waste, Poverty, Palm Oil, Swifts, Peace Day,…
Some of them are already global campaigns, we hope that some of these other topics will grow from local campaigns into something global. And that you will hopefully hear about these projects in following newsletters.

Stay tuned! 🙂

Photo credits: Sandy Paquay