• janes visit 2017

    Photo gallery Jane’s visit 2017

    Photo's from Jane's visit by Ivan Dunsmore and Soren Decraene

  • 20th Century Fox partners with JGI

    Rehabilitation of chimpanzees in honor of War for the Planet of the Apes

  • Hominidae – on the discovery of great apes

    A way of discovering the family of the Hominidae, also called great apes, for pupils of primary and seconday schools.…

  • Democratizing and Turning Data into Action

    JGI has been working with geospatial technology partners to combine high resolution imagery provided by satellite and unmanned aerial vehicle…

  • Meet Hugues Boungou

  • Wounda at Tchindzoulou Island

    Wounda – Love from the Jungle

    Today, a year after her release into the wild, Wounda has adapted very well to her natural habitat.