Chimp Clinic at Chimp Eden

Fundraising for Chimp Clinic Initiative at Chimp Eden

Chimp Eden, a safe haven for chimps
Within the beautiful Umhloti Nature Reserve in South Africa, you can find a semi-natural chimp rescue site: the Chimp Eden Sanctuary. Established in 2006 by the Jane Goodall Institute of South Africa, the idyllically placed safe haven is home to 3 groups of orphaned, injured and illegally trafficked chimpanzees. The sanctuary not only provides opportunities for social learning with conspecifics and trauma recovery. It also allows humans to get a better understanding of the primate world through education and ecotourism.

Health check-ups chimps
Unfortunately, to receive the necessary regular health check-ups, the third group of chimps continuously must be transported over the site. To improve this situation, we aim to create a chimp clinic by converting 2 sea containers into a medical building. This way health checks can be carried out in a controlled and safe manner.

Fundraising for the chimp clinic initiative
Recently we received approval from the King Baudouin Foundation to fundraise for this Chimp Clinic initiative. With the help of these donations, we hope to start our chimp clinic initiative in 2023.
Donations can be deposited via the donate button in this link or directly to account number BE10 0000 0000 0404 with structured communication 623/3678/20069. Donations of 40 euros or more, that are deposited to the King Baudouin Foundation, give rise to a tax reduction of 45% on the amount actually paid.

Hero image: Amari at Chimp Eden in 2020, JGI South-Africa