Community Conservation and Research

Human activities lead to the disappearance of chimpanzees in Senegal

Kedougou is the capital of one of the most disadvantaged regions of Senegal. Its geographical location, southeast of the country on the border with Mali and Guinea, keeps it away from the development of the coast.
This region is home to the only and last chimpanzees of Senegal. They are now in danger. The causes of their decrease in population is due to the loss and degradation of their habitats by human activities such as deforestation caused by agriculture and livestock, fires and poaching. The chimpanzees of Senegal feature many unique behavioural patterns, such as speer-hunting, drinking wells and troglodyte behaviour. The region is already highly affected by climate change, making the survival of these chimpanzee populations very critical.
The extinction of these chimpanzees would entail an incalculable loss for both regional biodiversity and the world natural heritage, as well as for science.

What does the Jane Goodall Institute do in Senegal?

  • Research: we have built a scientific research station, officially inaugurated by Dr. Jane Goodall in February 2014 that serves biological, ethological and ecological research on Chimpanzee Conservation. Summer courses are also organised in our station.
  • Conservation: we create protected areas, corridors and reforestation zones. We carry on activities to regulate agroforestry and include eco-guards trainings.
  • Public awareness and education: the Jane Goodall Institute conducts educational programmes and awareness-raising actions, agroforestry trainings for women, hazardous waste collection programmes (batteries, etc.) and various actions with schoolchildren. The Jane Goodall Institute Belgium specifically supports the Roots & Shoots youth leadership programme in Senegal.
  • Ecotourism: we promote sustainable tourism.
  • Water and sanitation: construction of wells, laundries and latrines.

How you can help us protect chimpanzees?

You can support our work by making a donation.