Reforestation in Belgium

Our annual tree planting event: help us grow a better future

26 000 trees planted over the years for JGI Belgium

In Belgium, we organize a big annual tree planting event joining people of all ages and cultures to plant a forest in one day. During the day we learn all about forests, trees, nature, birds and discover the link between chimpanzees and forest ecology. In 2018 we planted 4000 trees.

For every tree planted in Belgium, a tree is planted in Burundi!

Not only are you benefiting Belgium, but you are also getting the Roots&Shoots Burundi children involved. The fruit trees that will be planted in the Makamba region, South of Burundi will serve as a corridor connecting different nature reserves and will provide nutrition for chimps as well. Once these forests are connected it allows chimpanzees to move more freely and for isolated groups to come together, enhancing their genetic pool.
By getting up and helping your community by planting a tree in Belgium you are helping children in Burundi benefit their community and chimpanzees. This is what makes the JGI Belgium tree planting event truly unique.

How you can help

We organize this event every year, sponsor your trees and come and plant them with your friends!
If you can’t make it on that day, you can sponsor a tree or a child and we will plant it for you. You will also make it possible for a child who rarely gets the chance to visit the rural parts of our country to come.
If your school is interested in participating, contact us and we will organize a workshop in your school (limited number of workshops available).

Photo crédit: Sören Decraene/JGIB