Silent Auction 2021: a Promise of Hope

Silent Auction 2021: a Promise of Hope
12/11/2021 Webmaster
  • We are not asking for charity to help save the wildlife – and ultimately the people – of African forests. We are asking for a collective investment in the future and in a legacy that we can be proud of. We do not have much time left. We must act now.

    Dr. Jane Goodall, DBEFounder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

The current pandemic has turned our world upside down and many things are standing still. One thing that should not stand still is the work and vision of Dr. Jane Goodall. Your help is needed more than ever! The environmental activist and UN ambassador of peace invites you to support her projects through this silent auction. The proceeds from the sale of the exhibits will go into the work of the Jane Goodall Institute. We would like to thank the buyers, donors and those who sponsored the very special items and exhibits. Especially in these unusual times, none of this can be taken for granted.

The diversity of the exhibits from Austria, Belgium, England, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain is as colorful, vital and varied as the biodiversity in the forests of Africa, which we are protecting.

Bidding is very simple. From 18th November 2021, 19:00 CET to 24th November 2021, 22:00 CET you can bid for your favourite items. The highest bidders will be notified by telephone on Thursday, 25th November and will then receive the exhibits by post within Europe.

The following items from JGI Belgium will be auctioned:

Reforested by the specialists from Sylva Nova, this location contains over 1.800 young trees, composed of a mix of species including Sessile Oaks, Pedunculate Oaks, Wild Cherry, Sycamore Maples and Hornbeams. These biodiverse species makes the forest more resilient and stronger to tackle and resist climate change and its consequences.

The brand-new forest is situated in Saint Léger, in the south of Belgium, just a few kilometres to the boarder of Luxemburg and France. An information sign will be erected with the details of the forest patron.

Become a climate change hero and adopt your own forest, a unique opportunity to make a difference for animals, people and the environment!
Sylva Nova
Beautiful children's book (in Dutch) about a brave little chimpanzee who overwins his fears, written by the famous Flemish children book author Marc de Bel with illustrations from Nikola Hendrickx and foreword by Jane Goodall. The book will be personally addressed to the buyer by Jane Goodall and is co-signed by Marc de Bel. The package includes a beautiful orignal, signed, drawing from the talented Nikola Hendrickx (not framed).

kleine pan
A wonderful, once in a lifetime, Safari package.
The following services are NOT included in the package:
International and local flights and visa entry charges to Tanzania
All items of personal use i.e. drinks, laundry, telephone calls, gratuities/tips to driver guides and hotel staff, personal travel insurances- etc.
More information:

Valid till 31.12.2022
A personalised copy of Dr Goodall's latest book, translated in Dutch, which was released on 19th October 2021.

The Book of Hope
The Terhills Hotel**** in Maasmechelen is a imposing neoclassical baroque style mine building and a showpiece from Maasmechelen's industrial past. The hotel is a sum of comfort and class, well deserved rest after a good day of hiking. In the morning you will enjoy a large breakfast before going out to exploring again. Of course, you will be equipped with a hiking map.

The National Park Visitor Center is located next to the Terhills hotel and is the ideal starting point for a brisk walk with unique panoramas over the National Park. A top hotel and top nature, this weekend is the ideal introduction to the Hoge Kempen National Park, the only national park in Belgium. It is a unique nature reserve where more than 12.000 ha of forest and heathland are managed and protected. Hike through the extensive pine forests alternating with purple flowering heathland, see the large ponds which testify to gravel and sand extraction, climb high peaks for great views, and spot rare native animals. and

Valid till 30.11.2022
National Park Hoge Kempen
Terhills hotel
With his own cocoa plantation in Mexico and the honey from the bees on the rooftop of The Chocolate Line Factory in Bruges, Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone goes back to the essence. As a beekeeper and proud godfather of ‘Week of the Bee’, Persoone brings awareness to the importance of bees and their essential role as pollinators. His newest project is building a chocolate factory in Virunga National Park for the preservation of the park, the animals and helping the locals.

Persoone works with the best restaurants in the world and more, from delivering chocolates to Louis Vuitton, the Belgian and Jordanian Royal Family, collaborations with fashion designer Philip Plein and hatter Stephen Jones, creating a chocolate sniffing machine (chocolate shooter) for The Rolling Stones to designing unique chocolates for Jaguar Landrover.
A personalised copy of Dr Goodall's latest book, translated in French, which was released on 19th October 2021.

le livre de lespoir
Gift package 'Jungle', consisting of:
- a 3in1 shower, shampoo & conditioner for children from 3 years. The 3in1 shower and shampoo was specially developed for the needs of sensitive children's skin.
- Aloe Vera Kids Magic shimmering tooth gel, cleans baby teeth gently and thoroughly. Aloe Vera gel cares for the gums, xylitol protects against caries and calcium strengthens tooth enamel. Fluoride content especially suitable for children. Suitable for children from 0 - 6 years.

Special treatment package, consisting of:
- Aloe Vera Rapid Emergency Spray to soothe the skin (in case of skin irritation such as sunburn).
- Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel Concentrate promotes the regeneration and recovery of the skin.
- Aloe Vera Protective Propolis Cream for moisture and suppleness In case of skin irritations.
The products in the 'special treatment package' support the natural regeneration of the skin in everyday life - with maximum care. The Special Care Box is the perfect SOS care package for home and away.

The LR Aloe Vera plantations in Mexico are based on a sustainable production approach and puts strong emphasis on respect for animals, people and the environment. The LR Kids Fund offers chances for underprivileged children.
Aloë Vera
You’ve visited the Museum; now get to know the scientific institution behind it! Starting with the stairs and corridors that are normally off-limits for visitors, you’ll discover the building’s amazing architecture. Then you'll see a scientist’s office and you’ll visit the depositories and their impressive collections. You’ll see that the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences is jam-packed with surprising specimens. Tours take 75 minutes and are available from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 to 15:00 in English, Dutch or French. Maximum number of participants is 12, and participants must be at least 12 years old. Tickets are valid until October 2022. The visit’s route includes a lot of stairs and narrow passages and so unfortunately is unsuitable for visitors with reduced mobility.

Natural History Museum
museum natural sciences
Luxurious gift box with spices, chocolats, herbs and fruit products from local farming cooperatives in Africa. Origines & Saveurs delivers products that raise awareness on more than one level: quality more than quantity, craftsmanship, eco-responsibility and female entrepreneurship.

African farmer products

How it works:
Spread joy in two ways by not only treating yourself or your loved ones to something very special, but also helping to protect our planet!

The unique online auction is only available from Thursday 18th November, 19:00 till Wednesday 24th November, 22:00!
You have the opportunity to purchase various exclusive products and experiences for the benefit of the Jane Goodall Institute. You will not only treat yourself, but also help the environment. You will support people and animals in the JGI project areas.

Get ready for Thursday 18th November at 19:00 CET!

1. Click on the button „START THE AUCTION“
2. In our online gallery you now have the opportunity to scroll through the wonderful works of art and articles.
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4. Click on „REGISTER“ and enter your data and your personal password.
5. From now on you can easily bid and/or make a donation. Your bids, personal data and donation amounts are only visible to us and no other participants.
6. On Thursday 25th November we will inform you immediately whether you are among the lucky highest bidders.

Your chances increase with the amount of your bids! You cannot see the highest bidding level. This is a concealed auction. Our tip: A bid above the guide value increases your chances.

We hope you enjoy the silent auction, wish you the best of luck and say
for helping us to make a difference.