Chimpanzee adoption

You can make a difference in the lives of our orphaned chimpanzees by becoming their Chimp Guardian!

With your help, our orphaned chimpanzees will receive the care that they need to grow and thrive in an environment where they will be protected for the rest of their lives.

Rescued chimps often arrive sick and injured. Under the skillful care of Jane Goodall Institute staff, these chimpanzees receive a second chance at life.

Today, all four subspecies of chimpanzee are endangered.

She is very calm and gentle.
Date of birth: 2006
Mother: Killed by traffickers
Father: Unknown
Lives in: Tchimpounga

He overflows with energy and plays all day with his friends.
Date of birth: 2008
Mother: Killed by traffickers
Father: Unknown
Lives in: Tchimpounga

He is very active and curious.
Date of birth: early 2010
Mother: Killed by traffickers
Father: Unknown
Lives in: Tchimpounga

Your donation will support:

  • Keep your chosen chimpanzee in the care of experienced and loving keepers.
  • Provide your chimpanzee with the food, medicine and enrichment they need to grow.
  • Support research on reintroducing rescued orphans back into wild environments.
  • Protect important wild chimpanzee populations by working with local people and governments and addressing root causes of the bush meat trade to protect key areas of forests where wild chimpanzees live.

You will receive:

  • Biography and passport of your chosen chimpanzee (for the moment there are no passports in English available for Lemba)
  • Information about the Chimp Guardian programme
  • Information about Tchimpounga Rehabilitation Centre
  • Our special periodic newsletter for Chimp guardians with updates on Lemba, Mambou and Mbebo and other news from Tchimpounga
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  • Invitations to exclusive Jane Goodall Institute Belgium events

What does your money buy?

  • 100 € per month: cost of milk powder needed to feed a baby chimp
  • 500 €: cost of rescuing a chimp confiscated from poachers in a remote area in Congo
  • 1000 € per year: cost of veterinary care for a chimp at the sanctuary
  • 5000 € per year: cost of caring for chimps released on one of the islands in the river
  • Kouilou, the new site of the sanctuary. We have to continue to provide food, shelter and vet care for all the released chimps.

Photo credits: (hero image) Michael Nichols/National Geographic 1990, (others) JGI

The Jane Goodall Institute does not endorse handling, interacting or close proximity to chimpanzees or other wildlife. The hero image is a historical photograph that cannot be cut or shown outside the original context. The rescued chimpanzees seen in these photographs are cared for by trained professionals at JGI’s Tchimpounga sanctuary.