Chimpanzee Guardianships

Today, all four subspecies of chimpanzee are endangered.

YOU can make a difference in the lives of the chimpanzees by becoming their Chimp Guardian!

Rescued chimps are often orphaned, sick and injured when they arrive at Chimp Eden Sanctuary. Under the skillful care of Jane Goodall Institute staff, these chimpanzees receive a second chance at life. With your help, our orphaned chimpanzees will receive the care that they need to recover, grow and thrive in an environment where they will be protected for the rest of their lives.

In the Dindefelo Natural Reserve in Senegal, chimpanzees are seriously threatened in their existence. The Jane Goodall Institute Senegal takes all kinds of initiatives (development of a biological station, reforestation, ecotourism, raising awareness) to secure their future. You can also contribute to their activities by taking a chimpanzee guardianship.

Bazia (°2005) is from Congo and lives in Chimp Eden since 2008. Her daughter Amari was born in Chimp Eden in 2017.

Meet Bazia and Amari

Mother Hiila and her sun Cheempo are West-African chimpanzees. They live in the Dindefelo Nature Reserve.

Meet Hiila and Cheempo

New chimpanzee guardians will receive by e-mail:

  • Information about their chimpanzee guardianship programme
  • Information about Chimp Eden Sanctuary or Dindefelo Community Nature Reserve (pdf)
  • Biography of the chosen couple (mother & child) of chimpanzees (pdf)
  • Personalised guardianship certificate with the signature of Jane Goodall (pdf)
  • Our special periodic newsletter for chimpanzee guardians with updates on both programmes
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  • Invitations to exclusive Jane Goodall Institute Belgium events

Hero image: chimpanzee Jou Jou, Congo 1990
Photo credits: (hero image) Michael Nichols/National Geographic, (1st) JGI South Africa, (2nd) JGI Spain
The Jane Goodall Institute does not endorse handling, interacting or close proximity to chimpanzees or other wildlife. The hero image is a historical photograph that cannot be cut or shown outside the original context.