Meet Bazia and Amari

Bazia and AmariBazia’s mother was shot by poachers in the Congo as bushmeat and Bazia was smuggled across the border into the Sudan. The Sudanese military confiscated her and she was taken to a safe house. Here she was introduced to six other infants (Marco, Mowgli, Mary, Charlene, Azzie and Tamu). They were all transferred to the sanctuary together and quarantined in 2008.

Bazia does not have a lot of self-confidence and used to often cling on to Mary for reassurance. She has improved since being introduced to the outside enclosure and will now also look for reassurance from Charles and Jessica. Bazia is very playful and enjoys climbing in the trees with the other youngsters. She has turned into an independent individual as she has grown older.

Amari was born 21 October 2017 at the sanctuary. We had no idea that Bazia was expecting. Bazia brought baby Amari on the tour the morning of her birth surprising all the staff. Bazia is extremely protective over the little Amari, and almost immediately started breastfeeding the youngster. Amari enjoyed extra protection from all the aunties and especially alpha female/Granny Jessica.

Amari is an extremely curious little chimp, constantly observing her environment and trying to get away from mom. All of her group members are showing interest in little Amari, but her mom will not allow anyone to get to rough with her. Some of the females have been observed discipline the boys when they start getting to rough with Amari.

Even though we are a strict non-breeding facility and try our utmost best to prevent births, Amari has been an absolute blessing and has brought the playfulness out of her whole family, even grumpy uncle Charles.

Photo credits: Chimp Eden / JGI South Africa
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