Together For Biodiversity

Together For Biodiversity
11/09/2020 Webmaster

75 Belgian organizations and their experts join forces and invite you to get started.

Biodiversity is a subtle balance between you and all life on Earth.
From plants to micro-organisms, from fish to mammals, from red deer to… humans. All this life keeps each other in balance.
But this biodiversity is getting out of balance. Our way of life disrupts biodiversity. Without biodiversity there is no life on Earth. Biodiversity is declining rapidly, and so are the benefits we reap. The air quality is deteriorating. Foods are becoming scarcer and more expensive. New diseases and epidemics are emerging. Over the past 40 years, 60% of wild animals have disappeared.
If we do not take urgent action for biodiversity, both in Belgium and worldwide, then… we will all go into the deeper.

Saving biodiversity is saving yourself. Save biodiversity, together & now!

We can reverse this trend by changing our daily choices. And that is not that difficult.
Museums, zoo and botanical gardens, universities, NGOs, federal, regional, local governments and many other organizations demand unanimous and urgent action for biodiversity.
You can read a lot of interesting information on their website. You will also find concrete actions tailored to yourself or your association, with which you can really make a difference.
Go to and read what you can do.
The planet thanks you in advance.

It is not a matter of being optimistic or pessimistic, but of being determined.
– Hubert reeves, RTBF 2019