World chimpanzee day

World chimpanzee day
08/07/2018 Webmaster

Sören runningJGI Belgium volunteer Søren Decraene is not only running a successful social media campaign for World Chimpanzee Day, but on July 14th (the first ever World Chimpanzee Day!), he will also be running the Eiger Ultra Trail: 35 km at 2500m of altitude.

Inspired by Jane Goodall’s passion and approach, combined with his own love for animals, he decided that he doesn’t only want to make a difference himself, but inspire others to do so as well:
‘Through the campaign for World Chimpanzee Day, I hope to reach people in a positive and inspiring way. That they stop to think on the impact they have on the world and also ask themselves how they can make a difference, how they can help to protect chimpanzees. I’m showing them that they can by supporting the Jane Goodall Institute Belgium.
As a vet, I try to make a positive difference daily in the lives of animals. This is why when I met the team from JGI Belgium it was an instant match! On a daily basis, they make a difference through their focused actions in Belgium and Africa which include forest planting actions; youth empowerment programme Roots & Shoots; and their Chimp Guardianship initiative in Tchimpounga (Congo-Brazzaville).
It is with pride that I will be supporting JGI Belgium and this first ever World Chimpanzee Day during the trail on July 14th.’

Good luck, Søren, we will be supporting you all the way!!

Sørens videos can be found on the Youtube channel of JGI Belgium:

More info on the Eiger Ultra Trail.