Start a Roots & Shoots group

Roots & shoots iconWhen you join the Roots & Shoots movement you get

  • support from the JGI Belgium team
  • opportunities for grant money
  • leadership experience
  • to be part of a network of global citizens leading communities change
Start a Roots & Shoots group

Form your own Roots & Shoots team.
Describe your project idea. It must benefit animals, people, and the environment in a sustainable way.
Register your project with us so that we can list it on the JGI Belgium and international Roots & Shoots websites.
Once it’s up and running, document your project with regular updates and photos.
If you need help with something e-mail at any time!

How young, or how old, must I be to take part in Roots & Shoots?

Youth of all ages can join Roots & Shoots. You are never too young to make a difference! Roots & Shoots members range from 5 year old to university students. However, knowledge, compassion and action know no age limit, so we also have a growing number of adult groups! Regardless of age, all Roots & Shoots leaders and members care about the future of our planet and know that kids have an incredible energy and power that can change the world.

Get some inspiration for a project

Photo credit: Madeleine Prendiville/JGI Canada