Forest In One Day

What is Forest in One Day?

Forest in One Day is a day when people from different ages, backgrounds and cultures come together to plant a forest in one day. Not only will it become an asset to plants and animals, but it is also a meeting and strengthening of bonds between people.

Do my trees have impact on nature?

Certainly. Trees are not only planted in Belgium, but also in Africa. In the first years, for every tree planted in Belgium, another tree was planted in the Republic Congo or Burundi. In the past years, severals dozens of trees have been planted in Burundi per tree in Belgium. In the equatorial region trees grow faster and longer than in Belgium, so their carbon storage is greater than here with us.

Do the trees in Africa benefit chimpanzees?

In Africa, fruit tree corridors are planted to connect different pieces of forests. Chimpanzees like fruit. These corridors not only provide food, but are also a new habitat for chimpanzees. Moreover these corridors make it easier for primates to migrate, so isolated groups can come together promoting genetic diversity.

Afforestation projects forge a link between local communities and the forest. They become protectors and guardians of the forest.

How do I buy trees?

A couple of months before Forest in One Day we offer tree planting packages with additional benefits. You can always simply sponsor trees.

How many trees do I plant?

You can plant as many trees and shrubs as you have bought. But you can plant more if you want to. Most people plant 5 to 10 trees.

At one location, holes have already been dug into the ground so that only planting is required with little effort. At another location you have to work with the spade to dig a well and then plant the tree.

Do I receive a tree certificate?

When you sponsor one or more trees or a tree package, you will receive a personalised digital (pdf) tree certificate with Jane Goodall’s signature.

Side activities

Not only trees and shrubs are planted, but there are usually other activities as well. In the past a small walk tour with a guide was organised in the area. Another time an insect and bees hotel was built. In 2020 there was a scavenger hunt for children in a forest nearby.


No problem. Soup and sandwiches are provided or waffles with sugar and coffee.

Photo credit: (hero image) JGI Belgium/Søren Decraene