Workshops and activities

As part of the Roots & Shoots programme, we offer various free workshops and activities for young people of all ages. The themes are always centered around animals, people and the environment (APE) in order to encourage young people to have a positive impact on the planet. The aim is to link the three themes in a project, to improve our present and future life.
The workshops and activities are adapted according to age, and therefore according to the developmental stage of the youngsters. The educational program of your class or youth organisation is also taken into account when preparing workshops and activities.
Workshops and activities may include:

  • educational games
  • DIY sessions
  • Creative sessions outside to reconnect with nature
  • Projects to make your class and/or school greener
  • Information sessions focusing on animals, people and the environment (APE)
  • Examples of environmentally conscious behavior (eco-citizenship)

If you want to organise a workshop or an activity in your class or youth organisation, do not hesitate to fill in this form and to contact