No Waste November: Join the movement!

No Waste November: Join the movement!
06/11/2019 Webmaster
What is your pledge?

No Waste November is a month-long event that supports and empowers individuals and institutions to tackle a waste form in their own communities to create positive global impact.

We are inviting you to join the movement, make a pledge and commit to it for a whole month, but also to invite others to follow your example.

This year we aim to pursue a Low Waste Lifestyle and want to encourage you to take up a challenge for one month to reduce your waste. Challenge your lifestyle for the sake of our beautiful planet 🙂

How does it work?

  1. You accept a challenge for one month, big or small, to reduce your waste and commit to it.
    Challenges can take many forms, depending on local issues and individual passions. Here are a few examples for you to get inspired:
    – Use public transportation, walking and cycling as many times a week as possible.
    – Organize to carpool with your friends and neighbors for 3 days a week.
    – Plan to go car free for two days a week.
    – Buy from local producers during this month, especially food.
    – Reduce your meat consumption.
    – Meal plan one or two times a week to avoid food waste.
    – Go for a no spend month, only the basics and use what you already have.
    – Say no to single use plastic like bags, straws and cups.
    – Use your talent to transform 3 old pieces of clothes into new ones during this month.
  2. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram! There, we will be raising awareness over consumption and how to implement a low waste lifestyle.
  3. Participate in easy daily tasks from our calendar.
  4. Share your challenge with your friends and family.
  5. We encourage you to post on social media and share your experience. You can use this card for your posts. Don’t forget to tag #NWN.
  6. Tag #NWNaccomplished when you have finished the one month challenge!
  7. Celebrate your positive impact on our beautiful planet ?

Roots & Shoots held its 6th global leadership gathering at the Windsor Castle in July 2019. 26 youth leaders pledged and joined #NoWasteNovember challenge:

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