Goodbye, La Vieille

On December 11, 2016, we said goodbye to La Vieille, a chimpanzee who lived at JGI´s Tchimpounga sanctuary for 24 years.

Chimp of the Month – Timi

Timi, like Petit Prince, is in Group 3 and is also affected by the absence of Kitoko from his group. Timi also …

Ulengue – a success story

Ulengue is now one of those chimps relearning how to be free, foraging for wild fruit and constructing nests at night to sleep under the treetops. Tchimpounga released Ulengue onto Tchindzoulou Island this year.

Meet the other chimps: Cherie

Cherie is a female chimpanzee with a long history and with a deep bond to Tchimpounga. Prior to being transferred to the …

Meet the other chimps: Tiki

Tiki is famous in Tchimpounga … he is the greatest escape artist we have. There has yet to be a fence built …