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  • nature restoration law sealed

    Nature restoration law sealed in the European Parliament

    The sealed Nature Restoration Law is a historic opportunity to bring nature back to Europe.

  • treeplanting Gooik 2024

    Tree planting Gooik

    On 17th of February 2024, around 100 people came to plant 2.000 trees in Gooik with us. Several youth groups…

  • rescued pigs at farm sanctuary

    Factory farms: reasons for adopting a plant-based diet

    One of the simplest ways of helping animals, the environment and humanity is shifting from factory-farmed animal products to a…

  • tree planting Bonheiden

    Tree planting In Bonheiden

    On Sunday the 4th of February 2024, 150 people came to plant 2610 trees in Bonheiden with Jane Goodall Institute…