Nature restoration law to bring nature back

Nature restoration law to bring nature back
24/08/2023 Webmaster

This summer, the EU legislators gave their backing to EU Nature Restoration Law that will set legally binding targets to restore degraded ecosystems in Europe. It is our best chance at curbing the biodiversity and climate crises and securing a safer and healthier future. It is a historic opportunity to bring nature back to Europe.

JGI Belgium was part of the #RestoreNature campaign of over 200 civil society organisations who together mobilised over 1 million citizens to demand the law against an unprecedented attack and disinformation campaign.

However, the work is not done yet. The law, that is now under final negotiations, was seriously weakened in the political process by derogations, exemptions and loopholes. As the EU Commission, Council and Parliament negotiate what the final law will look like, we continue to put pressure for an enhanced version of the law as the final outcome.

With the breaking new global temperature records and burning forests, we painfully realise what continuous nature destruction leads to. We need a positive, strong law that protects us from the dire consequences of climate change and nature loss. Our political decisionmakers have the power and the opportunity to make it happen.

For more information about the Nature Restoration Law and the campaign, see #RestoreNature .